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Game News

Welcome to Murphy's Law

Here at Murphy's Law we try to supply a pleasant environment for anyone to enjoy their time in WoW. We are a democratic guild that votes on any issues that might arise during raiding and or social time.

We try to build our guild on the following 4 pillars:

Leveling: As experienced players we have a lot to offer to those new to the game or those who just enjoy leveling multiple characters to the maximum level cap. As a bonus you can take advantage of the multiple guild perks already earned by our members.

Social: Like to just hang around? Do some heroics with like minded people, or perhaps you enjoy getting achievements in old raiding instances. If any of these statements appeal to you, then you might find our crazy but sensible social members really fun to hang out with.

Casual Raiding(Any class/spec): New to raiding? Don't have time to raid 2 or more times a week? Like to jump on wow once in a while and feel like killing a boss? Then you will fit right in with our Casual Raiding group. The requirement for this group is having +-4100 score on wowheroes in the spec you apply, a descent brain to understand the basics of raiding (Rule #1 Fire is bad!) and the will to learn. Raid times: any day we have enough signhups.

Raiding(Open positions to the left): This is what most guilds are about, killing every boss that exists in the world of Azeroth and beyond. Here at Murphy's Law we do it in our own way. We try to make it fun and not feel like a hassle, while still trying to keep some discipline active. Those who can raid, but can't find the time to farm money to fund flasks/repairs/food will still be able to make it to our core team on the condition that they have the skill to drive this group forward. The minimum for this group is 4300 score on wowheroes in the spec you apply, A minimum of 6/12 (subject to change) boss kills with 2 kills each, a descent amount of skill to be checked during your trial, signing up at least 2 times a week for progress raids and last but certainly not least: mature behaviour towards your fellow raiders. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.

Those who apply for any of the above positions will need to pass a trial that usually (according to activity) lasts 2 weeks, after this time they will be rewarded with their favoured position or one less to that if the officers feel that you fit in there better. If you don't like the decision then you are free to leave our guild without any hard feelings.

If you like the way we run things, then hesitate no longer and read how to apply!

- Migaroez & Ithanelin

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